Welcome, friends, to Ranch and Rodeo! My name is Judy Higgins. I am a designer, fiddler, dog-lover, crafter and dreamer. The idea of Ranch and Rodeo was hatched in the desert of New Mexico many years ago, on the eve of my leap into self-employment. Ranch and Rodeo is about the intersection of home and adventure, comfort and risk, curling up by the fire and heading out into the world. It is my venue for exploring life and designing products that I love.

Check out my Etsy Shop, where I sell journals, greeting cards and other paper goods for thoughtful people who appreciate clean design. My next market will be at the Old Town School of Folk Music craft fair on December 12, 2015. More info coming soon.

Union Design is my professional design practice, where I do design and branding for nonprofits, small businesses and artists who are working to make the world a better place. Ranch and Rodeo is a division of Union Design.

I am an old-time fiddler, currently apprenticing in Midwestern Fiddle and Dance Traditions with Paul Tyler (aka Dr Dosido).

Thanks for stopping by!