This is a dreary season. It’s cold, but the past couple of days have been good. I’ve got to hand it to the sun. 6 degrees feels warm when the sun is out. This got me thinking about how to keep the spirits up when it’s so so cold. Here’s my (short) list:

1. Go Outside. Walking my dog is the best way to forget about the cold. He is joy personified, and it is infectious. While I sometimes dread going out in the cold mornings, once I’m there, this sweet pooch reminds me that temperature ain’t nothing but a number.

2. Do Yoga. My yoga practice sustains me in so many ways, but the simple heat-building movements of the Sun Salutation warm me up within minutes. On the coldest mornings, I practice in my home office, which is smaller and heats up quickly. Every day I do 5 of the A Series salutations and 5 of the B series (followed by the standing poses and half of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga). It can’t be beat.

3. Soak it up. Cats have a knack for finding the one spot of sunlight for their nap. When we’re lucky enough to have a stretch of sunny days, I try to be like a cat and make the most of it. Even when it’s cold, you can sit by the window and feel the warmth. And on those gray days, remember that behind those thick clouds, there’s a big blue sky and bright sunshine.

4. Nest. Make the most of more indoor time. It’s a really good time to rearrange the furniture, cook great meals, craft and cozy up with some reading.

5. Respect. Remember, winter is just doing it’s thing. Before long, summer will be here, doing it’s thing.