This is what it looked like this morning at 7am. Rain mixed with snow. Cold. Dark. Damp.

This is Saro a short while later. After a spell of really warm weather, he decided that *this* was the day to chase the geese across the park and *into* the Lagoon. Up to his elbows. Twice.

This is what it looked like around 11am. I decided that *this* was the day to get up early and go to Mysore class.

The weather was crummy, but practice was very good. The room was warm and I found myself working much harder than I do at home. Even when the teacher was not in the room, I was doing my best in each and every pose. I have to keep an eye on that. Striving will inevitably lead to injury. And I did feel a twinge in my shoulder in the second Surya A, although it didn’t last. I got a couple of nice assists: Utthita Hasta Padangustasana and Marichyasana C & D. The twists felt great; I went deeper than I have in a long, long time and now my back feels wonderful. I had trouble remembering the latter half of the series. I know the poses, but I’m not certain of the proper order and entry/exit vinyasas. No big deal. I’ll work on it this week. We had a nice chat after class about my Ayurveda studies. It was nice and I wonder why I haven’t been coming to this class. I’ll go next week.