This was a great week for Yoga.

Monday: Led Primary

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: I went to a led class, but we ended up doing Mysore-style up to Navasana. The room was warm and everything felt easy. Teacher assisted my hands to 1-inch from the floor in Prasarita C.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Mysore class. Yep, I got up at 6am on a weekday and got myself to the studio for a 7am practice. It was pretty awesome. The teacher didn’t do too many assists, which was fine. I’m new and she was observing my practice. But the assists I got were amazing. Not so much because she got me deeper into poses (tho she did), but because the adjustments she made resulted in a more aware, intelligent pose. I learned so much and have things to work on. Like Bandhas. Nobody has ever explained so clearly how to engage Uddiyana Bandha. It’s going to completely change my practice. (I might do some videos or photos of my practice — it would be neat to document the changes.) Another thing that’s going to change is my clothing. I went out today and bought some yoga shorts. And a yoga towel. I’ve never been much of a sweater, but these warm rooms are creating a bit more heat and slipperiness. I am at the same time excited and a little bit afraid to go back next week: she’s going to make me work hard!

Saturday: Mysore. My usual teacher wasn’t there and a colleague ably took his place. I practiced till Baddha Konasana and then had to go teach. Nice assists throughout, and the backbending assist was incredible. As he was lifting my upper back, telling me to straighten my arms and press my feet into the floor, I was thinking, “I can’t do it!” Somehow I did. And on the 5th backbend, he helped me rock back and forth a bit. Baby steps.

So, only a four-day week, but totally hard-working and fun. Tomorrow I will rest.