Sorry I’ve been away. I forgot I had a blog.

I went away for a silent meditation retreat and came back to a whirlwind of work, activity, life.

Last weekend, I gave a presentation on Yoga and Ayurveda and graduated from the Year One Ayurveda Program. I just have to complete a couple of case studies and then I will get my Ayurvedic Health Educator certificate. Woo hoo! Then it’s on to Year Two for the Advanced Health Educator program.  It was a sweet ending to a year of study, with a nice ceremony and a feeling of closeness to my classmates. Many of them are returning next year and I’m looking forward to continuing my studies.

This week, I’m doing Mysore classes with Manju Jois. Today was the first day and it was good. The energy of the room was high, and I moved very quickly through the series. I started late and felt some nervousness. My breath was a mess. Manju’s adjustments are firm and each assist concludes with an extra little push or a grunt. Cute! He easily assisted me into Marichyasana D, a pose I haven’t been able to get into (even with assists) for a few years. Overall, my practice felt weak. Vinyasas fell apart at the end and my arms were noodles in Urdhva Dhanurasana. I went almost two full weeks without any practice at all, which is unusual for me. Typically, I get some sort of practice in, but I think I needed a little break. This week will be intense, with practice starting at 6.30am (Sat-Thurs). Then I will be off for a week at the ocean and some much needed R & R. When I return, I will have to get back into some sort of regular schedule. Who knows, maybe I’ll be ready to commit to daily Mysore practice. Hard to say. Somehow, I’ve got to get some structure into my daily routine. As it is, I have no routine at all, which makes everything more difficult.

Today, it’s rain and gloom, but I am happy. The house will get cleaned and I will meet a friend for dinner.