I had a great time reading this article, The Lost Art of Becoming Good at Things. It talks about how we are increasingly a society of spectators, rather than participants. It is a call to turn off the TV (and the computer) and go get good at something. How fun!

I love to get good at things. Music, of course, is a huge interest. But over the years I’ve also been working on yoga, knitting, speaking French and Italian, writing, gardening and so many other endeavors. It’s exciting to see myself improve, even in the smallest of increments. New projects feed my creativity and keep me enthusiastic about life.

I appreciate the example in the article about Guitar Hero. Would you rather be good at a video game or good at the guitar?  It’s no contest. Playing music gives me so much more than refined finger coordination and motor skills. It connects me to other people. It challenges me and helps me feel more confident. It gives me a voice and it gives me something to strive for. It has helped me do things that I did not think were possible.  What an awesome gift!

So, go get your fiddle and let’s get good at it!