Oh, how I love my old Singer sewing machine. It’s so much more fun than going shopping! I’m working on getting a few good patterns so I can make year-round clothing for myself. This has been one of my favorite summer skirts. I made this in May and it’s getting a lot of wear. I used an old skirt as a pattern; traced around it right on to the new fabric and sewed this one up pretty quickly. It has a lovely, white satin-y lining. I have another skirt in the works and I might try a muslin lining. I’ve realized that a lining makes a big difference in how a skirt feels. I suppose with some fabrics, it’s nice to go without. But if I want to wear leggings underneath a cotton skirt, a smooth lining makes it very comfortable and gives the fabric some heft.

Next on my list: a skirt with pockets!