I knitted a whole sweater. In one week. And I love it.

This is a great pattern. I’ve been craving a warm, cozy sweater to get me through February. Last week, I was feeling particularly run down. Work has been busy and the weather took a sharp turn colder. One snowy day, I downloaded this pattern from Ravelry, dashed off to buy yarn, and got this dear pullover on the needles. I didn’t expect it to go so fast, but once I got going, it practically knit itself. I put on a good documentary to keep me company* and within a few hours I had made it through the yoke and was onto the body, knitting in the round (all knit stitches, no purl). Bulky yarn, size 10.5 needles: speed knitting.

Friends, this sweater is a good time.

And it looks good! I was worried that it would be frumpy and, while it’s not exactly slimming, it is as feminine and flattering as you can expect from a thick pullover. The wide neck and three-quarter length sleeves give it a nice balance.

It’s just what I wanted.

And now, the boyfriend wants a manly version.


Project notes on Ravelry.


*Ken Burns’ Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony. I recommend!