Yep, it is.

It’s there in friendships and smiles. It’s in your work and your cooking and your home. It’s in the car that slows to let you cross the street and it’s in you when you forgive the driver who cut you off. It’s in the ache of grief and in your loneliness and your fear. It’s in your community and it’s in the land.

Love isn’t just bliss or affection or infatuation or the perfect partner or happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, inspiration or any of that. That’s all good and joyful and worthy of celebration. But it’s not the whole story.

Love is what you give. Even when it’s not so easy. Especially then.

Love is all around you in the way we all keep on caring for one another, the way we keep going. Love is the way that nature (and we!) keeps growing, blooming and flourishing even when conditions are not just right. Love is how we find a way, figure it out, persevere. Love is what you discover when you don’t get what you want.

Whether or not you have a beloved, there is so much love to celebrate. Look for it and you’ll see. It’s all around you.

Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to all the friends and dreamers out there.

You are beautiful!




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