I’m learning Italian.

Again. Ancora.

The first time I learned Italian was when I went to Italy with my Mom and my Grandparents. It was the first time for all of us. Before the trip, I took classes on the second floor of an old house in Lakeview. I sat in a living room and introduced myself in self-conscious Italian. Io sono Judy. In Italy, I didn’t speak much Italian, other than a few mumbled words. Grazie, prego, per favore. 

The second time I learned Italian was three years ago when I took a solo trip to Rome. This time I didn’t take any classes. I reviewed my Italian books and studied a bit on the plane. My first week in Rome, I was working at a conference. The second week, I was a tourist. Alone, I struck up many conversations and my Italian improved.  Phrases most frequently used were:

  • È giusto? (Is it right, did I say it right)?
  • Capisco or ho capito. (I understand). I was so excited when I did understand. It was an exclamation of sorts. Ho capito!
  • Viaggio da sola. (I am traveling alone). I had to explain this over and over to many confused Italians.

And on this trip, I became Giuditta. I had never used that name, but that’s what the Italians called me. I’ve never liked the name Judith. But Giuditta, I love.

This time, I am using an app. Such are the times. I’m practicing every day and that is good. The lessons are fun. I have no trip planned. I just want to make it a part of my daily life.

A presto.