I wanted to post something today in honor of the official change of seasons. It’s neat that the Spring Equinox coincides with a new moon and a solar eclipse. It may seem like trivia, but it’s important to me that I pay attention to the movement of the sun and the moon. We don’t see stars much here in the city and it’s easy to forget that we are part of nature. I do what I can.

We went out today at very near the middle point of the day. I found a wooded spot and spread a blanket on the ground. We sat for awhile. I ate a sandwich. Saro watched squirrels. The sun came out just for a little bit. Then we packed up and headed back to work.



If you consult your Full Moon Calendar, you’ll see that the Pink Moon begins today. This is the moon that really means Spring to me. The sky will be dark because it is a New Moon, but watch for slivers to appear over the next few days. It will be Full on April 4 — and there will a lunar eclipse.

Happy Spring, everyone. When you get outside today, take a moment and give a nod to all the invisible forces at work around us.